Create Badoo Account. Badoo is a special social network for dating online. It is a very easy site to understand and use, and you can meet people from all over the world. If you want to have new friends or who says find the love of your life, Badoo has all the necessary tools to make your appointment or new relationship safe and dynamic. Below we prepare a tutorial that explains step by step how to create a new Badoo account.

Create Badoo Account

To meet new friends Badoo, allows you the possibility to filter in several ways, for your hoobies, country, city, sex, among others. Once your preferences are filtered you enter the profile of the person and you can know even more about it and see your photo, if the person is of your pleasure you should send a request that you are interested in knowing and speaking. After I accept you, you can start chatting. You can repeat this process with as many people as you wish, and who says that you find the love of your life.

Creating a Badoo account is very easy and is totally free. Before you start you must have at least one email or a Facebook account, which allows you to “Sign in Badoo” in a few minutes and make your first appointments. You should take your time and complete your profile as complete as possible, putting everything you want that other users see you, this way you expand the chances of finding a person according to you.

Sign up Badoo

You have two ways to sign up  Badoo account:

  • In both ways you must enter your web browser on your PC or laptop and write in the address bar, and then through your Facebook account you can both register and start Badoo session quickly.
  • In the case that is from your smartphones previously downloading the application, which is available for iOS and Android. And the traditional way is using your email, and then complete the registration form, which will ask some personal questions and you can quickly use the social network that every day unites millions of people in the world.

How to delete my account on Badoo

If you wish to unsubscribe from your Badoo account, whatever the reason, if you have found your partner or if you just got bored, we will tell you how to do in four simple steps:

  1. To delete your Badoo account, we must sign in Badoo session with our username and password, and now if we can begin the process of final elimination of your profile of the social network.
  2. Then we enter the options of “Configuration”, we can find it in the upper right part of the screen. We click and a menu with different options appears, we choose “Delete account”.
  3. The website will ask you if you are sure to perform the action to delete your account, you accept and then you will have “deactivated the account”. This means that it is not yet definitively eliminated, it leaves you a period of 30 days where you can repent and re-activate it.
  4. And another way that your account is deactivated and is permanently deleted, is that it is inactive for a period greater than 90 days the same system will be responsible for removing you from the database.