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Hotmail Activate verification in 2 steps

On another occasion we have told you how to recover the password, if you forgot it for In this case we will teach you more options to improve the security of your email, using the password verification in 2 steps.

Now we will explain how to activate and configure the two-step verification in Outlook / Hotmail. Through this verification in 2 steps, each time you log in, you will be asked for a security code after placing our main access password.

There are several ways to receive the code, one is through our mobile phone, through an SMS or an alternate address. You can also do it through an authenticating app that is usually on almost all smartphones.

Activate and configure verification in 2 steps

First login Outlook / Hotmail, and after entering the data and enter the inbox, we click on the top right of the screen, where is our icon, name or photo, then go “Edit profile” and we It will look like a screen where we must enter the link that says “Security” and then “Verification in two steps”.

The following screen will give you a warning that some services (Xbox Live or Windows Phone phones) do not support 2-step verification. However, after it is activated we can generate an application password for each of these services. Then we click on “Next”.

We choose the way to receive the code, take into account the three options mentioned above, an alternative email, or our mobile phone through an SMS or an authentication application. The recommended application is Microsoft Authenticator and it is available for iOS and Android.

We recommend the last option, by means of an authenticator application, once we download the app, the system will ask us for a QR code when scanning it on my occasion with Microsoft Authenticator. Once the authenticator application is configured, we will receive our first security code. This code must be entered when the wizard gives us to choose the way to authenticate.

Rocover Hotmail Password

When you login to your Hotmail email, and for some reason you forgot your username or password, you have the option to “Recover Password”.

Under the Login button, there is a link that says “Can not access your account?”. The next screen asks you what your problem is. In this case you must choose “I have forgotten my password” and click “Next”.

Now enter the email address Hotmail, and then complete the security captcha and click on “Next”.

To confirm your identity and get your Hotmail password, you have two options by means of your alternative email or the security questions that you have entered when you register, once chosen complete the missing steps and you can recover your Hotmail password.

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