Login to Hotmail

The e-mail that is currently owned by Microsoft, has had several changes since its main domain Hotmail.com changed to Live and is now part of a single name and domain for all e-mail products of the company with the already known Outlook.com domain. Having said that, we will explain to you how the Hotmail login process is:

  • We enter in our web browser preferably, in my case, choose Microsoft Edge, and in the address bar we type Outlook.com.
  • Now we can see the main login page, and we put there the username (user@hotmail.com) and password of your Hotmail account.

Recovery process for Hotmail login

  • We can save the access password so we do not have to remember it every time we log in to Hotmail. Only this action is recommended on a PC or Laptop that only one person uses. It is very important to keep track of your password and data to recover password if the use of your account is not continuous.
  • Other possibilities is that you have forgotten your password, they will be sent to the security code to your phone number you entered when creating the account. This code must be entered and validated to then access your inbox.

Hotmail Security Data

Data to take into account regarding the security of our email, in the case that the password has been lost or the user’s name must relate the following steps:
Log in to your Hotmail  in the web browser. In the option of, that has as an icon a hook, and all offer a security tab, and all can change the data of the security questions and answers, if you have changed the mobile phone number, you must update it if code to recover password . Another data to update is the alternative email address.

Why choose Hotmail Account

Microsoft Hotmail is the best choice for your free web email. The e-mail of the Redmond company allows you to create a free account, which not only gives us a super complete mail administration system, but also an infinity of complementary services such as Calendar, One Drive, Bing, Office (Word) , Excel, Powerpoint, One Note), Swap, Flow, MSN and Skype.

How to create Hotmail Account?

Enter the address www.hotmail.com and we will see the possibility of Sign in Hotmail, on the same screen we found the link Do not have a Microsoft account? Create one and click on the same link. Then we will begin to fill in the information that is being requested as a first and last name, then we will enter the name of the email that will work as username and can choose as domain @ outlook.com or @ hotmail.com. Then if we get a user available we will have to enter a secure password including capital letters, lowercase and numbers. After the username and password entries, you will be asked for personal information including country, date of birth and sex. We finish this process by placing an alternative email address and a mobile phone number, both very important in case we forget password or user number. We accept the terms and conditions of registration of your Hotmail account, previously entering a captcha of verification that you are not a robot and you will automatically be in the inbox of Outlook.

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