Why choose to create Hotmail account?

Surely you came to our website, to know how to create Hotmail free account, because their service is very complete. Not only does it have an email address, but it also has many additional tools and services that are very useful for both personal use and work.

How to create a new Hotmail Account Free

How to create a new Hotmail Account Free

Hotmail was born as one of the first free Internet webmail, and without a doubt one of the best known, for several years it was acquired by Microsoft, which was making improvements and its result today is Outlook.com that replaces Hotmail.com as administrator of free online mail and merging in some way all the email services of the Redmond company.

Create Free Hotmail Account

The steps to create a free Hotmail email account is very fast and simple. You just have to follow the instructions that we left in this tutorial:

We go to www.hotmail.com and on the screen that appears in the top right we click on “Create Account”.

Now we have a screen with a form to complete with your personal data, it is important that they are true and correct. They will be very useful in case of losing or forgetting your password.

In the form we must also choose a username and password, the username will give us the format of our email. For example: user@hotmail.com or user@outlook.com.

After accepting the terms and conditions, it will not show a welcome screen, where we must configure the language of your country and the time zone, then choose the theme that is your preference, add a signature for your emails, finally you will have access to your inbox and you can start enjoying your Hotmail account.

How to log in to Hotmail?

If you already have your Hotmail account, we will remind you how to log in to Hotmail, in three simple steps:

Enter the Hotmail page that automatically redirects you to Outlook, on the screen the “Sign In” button appears on the right side and we click on it.
We see two boxes in the top one with our email address and in the one below we enter our password and then click on the “Sign in” button.

If everything went well we will be inside the Hotmail inbox, there is the possibility to keep the session started, but it is only recommended in personal electronic devices, since they could access your information.

Download Hotmail for Android

From your smarphones or table with Android mobile operating system, enter the Play Store and look for Outlook in the search bar.

Once found press the button “Install” to start with the download of the application and then it will be installed automatically and you can use it as soon as possible.

Download Hotmail for iOS

We enter the App Store from your iPhone or iPad and look for the Outlook app.

Once found click on the download button, once completed it will be installed and you can use your email services on Apple mobile devices.

The app is also available for Windows Phone, you can download it from its official store, but Microsoft has failed with its mobile operating system so it no longer receives updates.

Create Hotmail Account [Video]

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