How to reset your Hotmail / Outlook account password. If you have forgotten the password you use to log in to Hotmail, which allows you to use all of Microsoft’s online services, you should recover it. Before beginning the process of resetting the password, we must bear in mind that the capital letters button is not activated, since the password distinguishes between uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some characters.

I forgot Hotmail Password

Hotmail Recover password Go to the login page of Outlook and after placing the user name we will place the password and in that box we click on “Forgot my Password”. Choose the reason why you need to reset your password, then click to the next step.

Enter the email address of the Outlook / Hotmail account you are trying to recover. Fill in the captcha characters that will appear, then click Next.

If you have security information in your account, we will send you a one-time code to the alternate phone number or to the email address we place. Once you have entered the code in the following screen, you can create a new password.

Help start hotmail session

If you were able to recover the password to access the inbox of your Hotmail / Outlook email. We’ll show you how to start hotmail session with your new password that you just recovered.

Sign in Hotmail Account

We enter the web browser, in my case I am using the Microsoft Edge, and we write in the address bar or and we will enter the main page and click on “Sign up”.
Then write the email address or full user of our Microsoft Hotmail account, then click on the next one and ask us to enter the access password and finally click on “Sign up” and you will automatically enter the mail inbox.

Create new Hotmail

In the inbox in the upper right we can find the link “New”. There appears the format of mail, and we put to whom we sent the email, the Subject and finally the mail content that gives us a format bar to choose the fonts, font size, bold, italics, underlining, etc. . It also allows to attach files, images, emoticons, obtaining as final result a much more attractive and professional email in case it is from a company.

What does CC and BCC mean?

The email will be sent when we click “Send” in the upper right part of the screen. When you choose the recipients of a message, you have the option to add a “CC” field (Carbon Copy). The recipients that you put inside CC can see the email address of the other recipients of the message. If you want to send a message and you want to hide the address of a recipient, you can place it in the “BCO” field (Blind Carbon Copy).


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