Hotmail is the name associated with one of the most important free webmail of Internet of the network, today its owner is the company of Bill Gates Microsoft. Currently after several changes both in their domains and in their interface, today when accessing from our web browser in we will automatically redirect to, which today is the name of all the email services of the company. the city of Redmond.

Creating a Hotmail account is the same as creating an Outlook account, at the time of completing the registration form, when we have to choose the username or domain it gives us the possibility to choose @ or @ This process starts from the main page where the “Create Account” link is located under the Hotmail login.

Create New Hotmail Account

The process of Sign up Hotmail is no longer a complex process, it is much faster and simpler, and with a single registration form, you not only get the email services but you also get all the integrated services of Microsoft, such as One Drive (free online storage 5GB), Office Online (all services of the package of office both to open and edit documents), Photos (new service of administration of photos with a lot of tools of edition and synchronization with mobile devices), Calendar, People (contact manager), Swap, Skype (social network and Microsoft chat online) and others.

We will teach you in a few steps how to get your new free Hotmail email account, we will explain you step by step so that you do not have any inconvenience when filling out the form to register in Hotmail:

  • Enter the web browser and place in the address bar and automatically redirect us to Outlook homepage and click on the link in the upper right corner of the “Create Account” screen.
  • Then we choose the username with its respective domain that can be the classic or
  • Once we find the user name available, we will have to choose a password to access the email, so that it is safe we ​​must choose a key of at least 8 characters, and must include letters uppercase, lowercase and numbers.
    This is the possibility at this time to tick the box that enable the reception of email from the company of Microsoft with promotions and news of the service.
  • Now we write the first and last name of the email, and then we continue writing the country / region and the date of birth or date of birth. Before proceeding with the registration process, a check is made that you are not a robot by means of a captcha.
  • Outlook welcomes us and asks us to complete the time zone that corresponds to us and the configuration language. We continue to customize the background of our inbox and before accessing it, we propose to create a signature for our mail.

App for Hotmail / Outlook

The Hotmail / Outlook service adapts to new technological advances and has applications for mobile devices, both for Google Android and for Apple iOS, and also has its respective app for Windows 10. This allows us to synchronize all our devices No need to enter the web browser, making it much more dynamic and practical to use their tools and check emails.

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