As I think we know most, Instagram is an application for smartphones, which allows us to share photos and videos, users can upload all the content they want to share with their followers, the app links Facebook contacts so you will know Quickly who of your contacts has Instagram and you can follow it if you wish. Many users request authorization and others have a free profile.

Instagram has grown exponentially since its creation in 2010, being currently the preferred social network of celebrities and companies. You can filter your photos, among other types of editions. Recently we have also incorporated the possibility of showing a user status that we can change whenever we want.

In this note we will explain in a simple way, step by step how to create an Instagram profile, if you have never done it.

Create an Account on Instagram

To create your Instagram account you must have your smartphone or tablet handy, with Android, iOS or Windows Phone  mobile operating system. After installing and creating the profile you can see your Instagram account through your PC or Laptop.

Install Instagram

As we stated in the previous paragraph, the app is available for different operating systems, you just have to go to the corresponding store: on Android (Google Play), on Apple’s iOS (AppStore) and `finally on the Windows store.

Once searched and found in the corresponding store, press download and then the installation will start automatically.

Launch Instagram Account

After having done the previous steps, we will look for the icon of the Instagram application and we can register quickly using our Facebook account (which compiled the purchase of Instagram in 2012 at the impressive price of 1000 million dollars) or you can also do it through of your email address.

In an intuitive and easy way you can go completing the configuration of your profile, it also allows us to search for friends in your Facebook or Twitter account.

Multiples Instagram accounts

Less than 2 years ago that Instagram, I add a very expected features by the user, we are talking about the possibility of having several accounts at once and enter and exit them in an agile and secure way. This means that all your accounts can be managed through the support of multiple accounts, very used in the case that you have to differentiate your Instagram Personal and the Instagram of your company or work.