Internet offers a large number of free services, among the most used are social networks and emails. If we name the best enter: Google Gmail, Yahoo Yahoo Mail and finally the one I recommend is Microsoft Outlook, which previously carried in the name that is still recognized today on the Internet, Hotmail.

We have already done the tutorial of how to create Outlook account, in this occasion once you have registered in your free webmail of Microsoft, we will teach you like “Sign in Outlook”.

Sign in Outlook in 2 steps

To start the session in Outlook we must perform two steps:

  1. After entering our web browser and entering the url we click on the link “Sign In”.
  2. In the next screen you ask us for our email address and then our access password and after clicking on “Sign in” we will enter the Outlook inbox.

Forget my Outlook password

Many times it happens that when you want our password to be secure, we end up forgetting it, but do not worry, it can all happen to us, so in this note we will explain how easy it is to recover your Outlook password. From Outlook we have the option to retrieve an email password, and the steps to be taken are very simple, and we can replace our password with a new password that we can easily remember.

At the moment that “Sign In” we can see below where we enter our user password the link “I forgot my password”. This takes us to a panel with recovery options that we will solve intuitively, one of them through our alternative email entered when we register and we will restore our password to access Outlook in a few steps.

If you have any questions about how to solve any question regarding your Outlook email, leave us your comments and we will respond as soon as possible.